Paesana is situated in a valley and is therefore perfectly positioned for outdoor sports or for a restful, quiet holiday in a stunning landscape.Mount-Viso, the River Po, nature, arts and gastronomy are all to be found in this valley.

Mount-Viso, (3,841 meters high/12,601 feet), dominates the landscape. The river Po is the longest river in Italy and its source is in Pian del Re whence it flows through the pastureland of the high valleys at the start of its long journey to the Adriatic Sea.

Important monastic establishments such as the famous Cistercian Abbey of Staffarda and the Convent in Rifreddo are magnificent examples of Romanesque and Gothic architecture above which at the top of Monte Bracco is the Trappiest Chartreuse complex. A wide range of sporting activities which vary according to the seasons.

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